Danil Hill Williams 1840 - 1915 and Rebecca Smith Wilson 1840 - 1926

These folks are Todd A. Cason's Great-Great Grandparents (Paternal)
D.H. Williams was a Confederate soldier.
He was twice wounded and twice captured during the Civil War.
D.H. Williams & Rebecca Smith Wilson are buried in Manor, TX

Joseph Monroe Cason 1852 - 1926 and Calista W. Moody 1842 - 1909

These are also my Great-Great Grandparents (Paternal)
Calista was a half-cousin to Asa Griggs Candler, the founder of Coca-Cola. J.M. Cason is buried in Lingleville's East Side Cemetery, Erath Co. TX and Calista Moody is buried in Iredell, TX.

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